Azusa Prophetic School Track


Dear Student,

Welcome to the Azusa Prophetic Track.  There are 5 different videos — each one having homework.  You can take one class or you can take every class.  Each class is worth 4 credits at $50 per credit.  

Before you start the class you must buy the Workbook for $10 plus $8 shipping   because you will need to fill it out as you take each class.    If you complete all 5 classes, you will receive 20 credits.  Purchase Workbook

 The 6th class requirements for 4 credits are:   A completed workbook (so you must take the first 5 classes and fill in the workbook), take the Pentecostal Tour with Azusa Street mission, and write a paper on EACH place you toured and upload the papers you wrote on FGSOR.     The cost of the 6th class is $50/credit (4 credits which is $200.) This includes the $25 for the Pentecostal tour in Los Angeles, CA.

 That would make a total of 24 credits if you take the whole track.  

 View Pentecostal tour sites by clicking on link below.   Apostle Fred and Wilma Berry will contact you for scheduling of your Pentecost Tour.   View Tour site

I would encourage you to take the whole track.  The teaching is excellent and I believe anybody who takes it will benefit from it.

Blessings as you continue growing in the Lord.  

Barb Boyd,